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When you hear your favorite song at a party



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Who Ever Made This.

like my 30th time rebloggin , ilove this :D lol

oh my gawddd <3


been waiting for this omg

My mom carried me for nine months. She felt sick for those months with nausea, then she watched her feet swell & her skin stretch. She teared. She struggled to climb stairs, she got breathless quickly and she even suffered many sleepless nights. She then went through excruciating pain to bring me into this world. Then, she became my nurse, my chef, my maid, my chauffeur, my biggest fan, my teacher & my best friend. She’s struggled for me, cried over me, hoped the best for me and prayed for me. Most of us take our mom for granted. Reblog if you love your mum more than anything else in the world.


I also did all of this for my daughter <3 Happy Mother’s day.

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